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الطلبة و الأكاديميون

Call for Papers for the Right to Education Project Website


The Right to Education Project aims to promote social mobilisation and legal accountability, focusing on education rights. The website intends to popularise the right to education and ensure that all relevant actors (education coalitions, NGOs, unions, activists, UN organisations, governements, human rights lawyers, individuals and groups seeking redress etc) have access to up-to-date and nationally relevant information on advocacy for the right to education.


The website has a sub-section to this present page for Students and Academics where all interested can share published or unpublished papers on topics such as education, human rights, child rights, education financing, the role of the the international community and its institutions for ESC rights, the role of the state as duty bearer, vulnerable groups and strategic litigation on education rights, etc.


Requirements. All papers should include:

5-10 Keywords section (to help us classify them)

Abstract 50-80 words

Permission statement that allow us to publish the article under the author’s name on our website.


Papers written in a language other than English can be accepted, providing they include an English translation of the keywords and abstract sections.


Articles cannot be remunerated in any way.


If you would like to discuss ideas for paper contributions and abstracts please contact us at: info[at]

Please send your articles to: