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Background to the indicators


The project is inter-disciplinary - involving human rights, development, and education expertise and encompasses several stages:

A concurrent testing and networking phase of those indicators, involving different actors, in order to adapt and refine prototype indicators packages. Testing is currently taking place in several places and in several formats, please see our page on this.
In order to enhance a clear understanding of the value of using these new indicators for the right to education and their utility for different actors, we have launched a rolling interactive consultation composed of different elements:
~ A public online discussion
The aim is not only to share knowledge and encourage feedback, but also to invite different audiences to incorporate the testing and use of indicators in their research, capacity-building, development aid, and advocacy work so to consolidate networks for dissemination and reciprocal support (currently underway)
A consolidative phase where the learning from the testings and the inspiration from networking will be brought together in a user’s guide and where different packages of indicators are produced taking into account contextual circumstances and research foci (forthcoming).
RTE recently undertook a Stocktaking Exercise to review the indicator work.  The report summarises the steps that have been taken to advance RTE's work on indicators, highlights the achievements in the development and promotion of the indicators, identifies the lessons learned throughout the process of working with indicators and identify recommendations for taking this work into the next phase.