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By now, you should have an idea as to whether your government has breached one of the provisions within this treaty. It is, however, helpful / necessary to see what guides the committee uses to interpret the provisions and decide cases if there is not absolute certainty of a breach. There are three key indicators of interpretation.

Previous Cases

By way of illustration of how such situations have been dealt with by the committees, it is useful to consider previous decisions of the committee. While the committee is not obliged to follow its previous decisions, there is fairly high degree of consistency in its decisions.
No decisions relevant to the right to education have yet been made by the Committee.

General Recommendations
General Comments or Recommendations made by the treaty bodies are constructed with the purpose of clarification of how a given treaty provision is to be interpreted. They are a valuable source of guidance in this regard.

Consult the following general recommendations produced by the committee to clarify the convention here

See especially General Recommendation 3, on Education and public information programmes.  

The preamble to a treaty is useful in ascertaining the purpose of the law, and therefore as a guide as to how it might be interpreted.
See the preamble