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About Us

Right to Education Project aims to promote social mobilisation and legal accountability, looking to focus on the legal challenges to the right to education.


The cornerstone of the Project is this wide-reaching website on education rights, a partial continuation of the groundbreaking website (under the same address) of the former UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Education, Katarina Tomaševski.

To ensure continued relevance and engagement with activists and the academic community the Project also undertakes comparative research to advance an understanding of the right to education.

Housed by ActionAid International, and in partnership with the Global Campaign for Education and Amnesty International, Save the Children and Human Rights Watch.


The Right to Education Project is supported by the Open Society Institute and others.

The Project is advised by a distinguished Network of Advisors of leading scholars, human rights activists and education campaigners, all serving in their personal capacity: Iain Byrne, Fons Coomans, Christian Courtis, Camilla Croso, David Edwards, Frank Elbers, Peter Hyll-Larsen, Steven Klees, Keith Lewin, Angela Melchiorre, Albert Motivans, Aoife Nolan, Rene Raya,  Ignacio Saiz, Refat Sabbah, Sheldon Shaeffer, Gorgui Sow,  Salim Vally, Toni Verger and Duncan Wilson.

A Steering Committee formed of representatives from Amnesty, GCE and ActionAid is responsible for the implementation of the Project.

Project coordinator: Bailey Grey

Communication Officer: Delphine Dorsi

Administrative support: Egi Summers (ActionAid International)

We warmly welcome requests for partnerships and collaboration on issues affecting the right to education.  Unfortunately, we are not in a position to provide financial support for education projects.

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