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Q. Your website seems to have a lot of content, but I cannot find what I am looking for.

A. Try to check the sitemap or the search option. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us info[at]


Q. The Media section appears empty.

A. This website is still under development, so please keep checking for updates.


Q. Are you going to include some participatory tools such as a forum?

A. Yes, we are currently developing a forum so you can make comments, express your ideas, ask questions regarding the right to education. We encourage you to keep checking for new updates!


Q. I am a student and I find your website very useful for writing essays, however I need the full reference for my quotes.

A. This website is the result of a team effort. We try to include a link to most of the publications we have used to write these pages so you can read the full reports, which include all the foot notes and references. Otherwise, feel free to quote our website, to avoid plagiarism.


Q. My organization also deals with the Right to Education and we would like to contribute with some articles.

A. We welcome well referenced articles. If you are an organization, please get in touch with us to discuss collaborations. If you are a student or researcher and you would like to share your published or unpublished papers, we have a special section for students and academics.