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Making the right to education meaningful: The 4 As

The framework of the 4 As has been developed to help people think through different dimensions of the right to education. By using a participatory process this framework can become a tool to enable people to think through what the right to education means to them, and compare their current reality to this ideal context.

The 4 As can be summarised as follows:

Availability that education is free and government-funded and that there is adequate infrastructure and trained teachers able to support education delivery.

Accessibility that the system is non-discriminatory and accessible to all, and that positive steps are taken to include the most marginalised.

Acceptability that the content of education is relevant, non-discriminatory and culturally appropriate, and of quality; that the school itself is safe and teachers are professional.

Adaptability that education can evolve with the changing needs of society and contribute to challenging inequalities, such as gender discrimination, and that it can be adapted locally to suit specific contexts.