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Identify Violations


©Gideon Mendel/ Corbis/ ActionAid
©Gideon Mendel/ Corbis/ ActionAid
Please take your time to explore the following themes:

An extensive section on right-based indicators for measuring compliance with national and international human rights obligations.

A section devoted to minimum ages (for marriage, employment and criminal responsibility) in relation to the age of compulsory education. This information comes from one of our key publications, entitled At What Age..?

A section devoted to school fees - the major hindrance in access to school for millions of children, and a direct violation of children’s right to free education, as well as the source of a paradox: how can education be compulsory if it is not free?! This information comes from Katarina Tomasevski's last major work: Free or Fee.

An extensive section devoted to education financing and budgets, looking at many issues around understanding and using budgets, as well as the role of the IMF and World Bank. Much of this information comes from the work of ActionAid International.

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