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Promote social mobilisation

©Barry Lewis/ Corbis/ ActionAid
©Barry Lewis/ Corbis/ ActionAid

Promoting social mobilisation on the right to education is all about using the law and the language of the law to activate people; to encourage them to work with governments, as well as to step up the pressure on governments, holding them to account for the right to education, as described in laws and policies, as well as in those international and regional treaties they have signed. Using litigation is one means by which to acheive this.

It is important to find out where your energy is best spent: at the local community level, at the national level, or at the regional or international level. Or indeed a combination of all three, exhausting the different remedies and instruments available. In order to take things to the international level, for example to the different regional committees or to the UN, it is important to know how these (often highly specialised) mechanisms work. It is also important to bear in mind that exhaustion of domestic remedies is often a prerequisite for a case to be considered at the regional or international levels.

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