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Other excluded / vulnerable groups

©Kate Holt /Eyevine/ Actio
©Kate Holt /Eyevine/ Actio

There are many other groups* that we should like to include on these pages, and they will follow as we research and gather materials. If you would like to help us build this section please send us your comments, ideas, resources, etc. (info[at]




Emergencies and conflict affected

Street children

Indigenous children

Persons with disability 

Persons in detention

Sexual minorities, etc


We have prepared four cases for Durban Review 2009 that exemplify cases of  discrimination and violation of the right to education.

 1. The case of adolescent and pregnant girls in Tanzania,

2. The case of indigenous people in Guatemala,

3. The case of Roma children in Slovakia and

4. The case of Dominican children of Haitian descent in the Dominican Rep

*Katarina Tomasevski, in a study of government reports to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, thus listed no less than 32 categories of children that are particularly likely to be excluded from education: abandoned children; asylum seeking children; beggars; child labourers; child mothers; child prostitutes; children born out of wedlock; delinquent children; disabled children; displaced children; domestic servants; drug-using children; girls; HIV-infected children; homeless children; imprisoned children; indigenous children; married children; mentally ill children; migrant children; minority children; nomadic children; orphans; pregnant girls; refugee children; sans-papiers (children without identity papers); sexually exploited children; stateless children; street children; trafficked children; war-affected children and working children.

 Implementation Handbook for the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF, 2008 has identified 53 grounds for discrimination against children