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Uganda Budget monitoring to fight corruption in the education sector

The objective of child-led budget monitoring and anti-corruption initiatives in the education sector in Uganda has been to ensure that expenditure is made according to plan, and not misappropriated.

Child budget monitors in schools uncovered cases of corruption by school officials, which were reported to the district education office and resulted in the dismissal of the guilty officials.

In 2007, there was a focus on tackling corruption in the education sector, with organisations working to create awareness of corruption in government service delivery. Corrupt district education officials, head teachers and building contractors have been exposed for misappropriating public funds as a result of budget work initiatives.


• Child-led budget monitoring

• Community anti-corruption monitoring at school and district levels


• Child participation in budget monitoring

• Increased awareness of corruption in education service delivery

• Corrupt officials exposed for misappropriation of funds


• Advocacy activities were given credibility as budget monitoring was conducted by education beneficiaries

• Budget work was carried out at both the national and local levels, ensuring that the advocacy campaign targeted all levels of government simultaneously

Source: CEF Making the Budget Work for Education: Experiences, achievements and lessons from civil society budget work