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Case law database

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The compilation of cases here is an illustrative collection rather than an exhaustive database.

We have linked cases from different countries and regions of the world that relate to the same aspect of socio-economic rights, e.g. progressive realisation, racial discrimination, or to the same area of the right to education, e.g. free education, language in education. This is important because sometimes courts will take note of decisions from around the world and in addition it gives an idea of different ways in which a violation of a certain aspect of a right can be framed.

There are internal links within the cases that refer to other parts of the website to show how, for example legislation and the 4-As, link with the case.

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Cases on acceptability

Cases on availability

Cases on civil and political rights

Cases on free education

Cases on language

Cases on nationality

Cases on progressive realisation

Cases on racial discrimination

Cases on justiciability

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