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Cases on progressive realisation and courts interfering with the State’s budget




Progressive realisation and courts interfering with the State’s budget

Grootboom v Oostenberg Municipality and others

Progressive realisation, positive right, housing, accessibility, availability, budgetary limitations not relevant, South Africa, Consitutional law, national level, discrimination


Minister of Health and Others v Treatment Action Campaign and Others

Children‘s Rights, Health Rights, HIV/AIDS, Right to Life, Maximum Available Resources, policies on rights, Progressive Realization/Non-Retrogression, Women’s Rights positive right, medical, accessibility, availability, acting reasonably to provide on progressive basis, South Africa, constitutional law, national level


Viceconti v. Ministry of Health and Social Welfare - Poder Judicial de la Nación

health rights, positive obligations, domestic application of international law (monist system), constitutional law, national court, preamble, Argentina


V v. Einwohrnergemeine X und Regierunsgrat des Kantons Bern

Positive right, minimum level of dignity, resource allocation, constitutional law, national court, nationality


Guingona, JR v Carague, Supreme Court of the Philippines - G.R. No. 94571, 22 April 1991

Resource allocation, budgetary contraints, availability, national court, constitutional law, Philippines


R v. East Sussex County Council ex parte Tandy

Adaptability, suitable education, resources, financial reasons not allowed to stand in way of statutory duty, disability, special educational needs


Mendoza & Ors v Minister of Public Health and the Director of the National AIDS-HIV-STI Program

Positive obligations, constitutional law, Ecuador, availability, Progressive v immediate realisation, deeds not words, national level

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