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Free education including a number of cases relating to provision of transport




Free education including a number of cases relating to provision of transport

Pl. US 25/94 JUDGMENT The Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic in the Name of the Czech Republic

Meaning of free, accessibility, materials, free education, text books, Czech Republic, charter of rights, national law, national level, court suggested monist system, limitation on right.


R v Richmond upon Thames London Borough Council, ex parte McCarthy & Stone [1992] 2 A.C. 48 United Kingdom


fees, free education, transport, accessibility, United Kingdom, national level


Mora v. Bogota District Education Secretary & Ors

Transport, accessibility, adaptability, free education, Columbia, national level


Tribunal of the State Minas Gerais (TMG) Apelação Civel No. 000.197.843-6/2000. Brazil

Accessibility, availability, free education, transport, Brazil, national level


Devon County Council v George [1989] House of Lords AC 573, 604B leading judgement by Lord Keith

Accessibility, free education, transport
  DeJusticia vs Government of Colombia File D-7933 Sentence C-376/10 Colombia, free education, enforceability of the right to education, primary education, economic, social and cultural rights

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