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Cases relating to the right to life and other civil/political rights




Cases relating to the right to life and other civil/political rights

Unni Krishnan, J.P., v. State of A.P. and Others

Children‘s Rights, Directive Principles, Education Rights, Right to life, civil/political rights, constitutional law, India, national level, adult professional education, accessibility, time limits on progressive realisation


Yakye Axa v. Paraguay


Adequate Standard of Living, Cultural Rights, Indigenous Peoples’ Rights, Right to Life, Special Treatment of Disadvantaged Groups, Exclusion, lack of access to land, availability, Inter-American Court of Human Rights, protocol of San Salvador, regional courts, availability.


Mohini Jain v State of Karnataka India

Civil/political rights, accessiblity, dignity and education included within the right to life, Constitutional law, India, national level


Olga Tellis v Bombay Municipality Corporation

Right to life, livelihood, civil/political rights, accessibility, national level, India, constitutional law


ASK v. Government of Bangladesh

civil/policital rights, right to livelihood, Bangladesh, national court, constitutional law, availability

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