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General Comments and other normative interpretations

Consider the General Comments of International Treaty Bodies

Many international conventions establish a committee to monitor and advise on the implementation of its provisions. To this end, committees frequently make General Comments on particular provisions as guidance as to how the provision in question should be implemented. General Comments are authoritative interpretations of binding obligations, and they serve to elucidate the obligations of the State.

The following general comments/recommendations are well worth looking at with regard to the content of right to education provisions:

Committee on the Rights of the Child:

GC 1 - The Aims of Education

Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:

GC 11 - Plans of action for primary education

GC 13 - The right to education

Human Rights Committee:

GC 18 - Non-discrimination

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women:

GR 3 - Education and public information programmes

Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination:

GR 14 - Article 1(1)

GR 20 - Article 5

GR 24 - Article 1