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The right to education means that there should be rights in, to and through education.

The last of these, through education, is largely a question of learning about your rights, about the links to other human rights, about citizenship, peace, reconciliation, and respect for others. This can only be fulfilled if all your other education rights are respected and protected, and may in short be called human rights education.

To read more about the role of human rights education in education, see our Primer 4: Human Rights in Education as Prerequisites for Human Rights Education

The Right to Education Project does not specifically deal with human rights education. There are other organisations who have more expertise. Of these we would like to recommend:

Amnesty International (AI) - the leading independent human rights campaigning organisation in the world, in which human rights education is a goal for all the work that they do.

Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) - an organisation consisting of: a website full of resources; a vibrant and engaged community linked by an effective set of list serves; and a wide programme of online human rights courses.

At UN level there are formal structures that recommend and work for greater awareness of human rights education. Two of the most prominent are the OHCHR-led World Programme for Human Rights Education and UNESCO's work on human rights education.