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Relevant general comments
General Comments made by the treaty bodies are constructed with the purpose of clarification of how a given treaty provision is to be interpreted. They are a valuable source of guidance in this regard.

CRC General Comment 1 - The aims of education
CRC General Comment 5 – General measures of implementation for the Convention on the Rights of the Child

To see CRC General Comments click here

The preamble to a treaty is useful in ascertaining the purpose of the law and therefore as a guide to how it should be interpreted.

See the preamble here

For further guidance on interpreting the Convention, follow the link to the excellent Litigating Economic, Social and Cultural Rights:
Legal Practitioners Dossier released by the Centre on Housing Rights and Evictions (COHRE) at p.130


A lot of interesting NGO coalition work goes on around child rights, especially in relation to the CRC, much of it linking activists and organisation together using the internet. The following broader initiatives are particularly interesting to check out, highlighting the need to see the right to education in the wider scope of child’s rights work:

CRIN – Child Rights Information Network

NGO Group for the CRC